about us

Mission and values

Being the first and only bank in the country with Swiss capital, KSB offers tailored banking solutions for corporate, institutional and private clients in Kyrgyz Republic. The bank also offers financial and consulting services.

KSB continues to follow its development strategy, the main goal of which is to build long-term relationships with customers while meeting their financial needs. KSB uses experience of Swiss banks to ensure sustainable and excellent performance in the market of Kyrgyz Republic. The Bank owes its success to the trust the clients put in us and we strive to never disappoint.



Switzerland is the country where the banking system has centuries-old traditions that are based on people's trust. We would like to bring these principles of banking to Kyrgyzstan. I agree, all banks provide the same products, so you can only compete in quality and service. Our work revolves around caring for customers’ financial security and safety of their savings, which later translates into trust in us.

 former Chairman of the Board of Directors

Claude Le Ber

Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank CJSC (KSB) began its history in 2013 when a Swiss investor, Petram Finance AG, arrived in Kyrgyzstan and offered to rehabilitate «Kyrgyzdiykanbank». The licence was granted by the Board of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (hereinafter referred to as the “NBKR”) and on the 23rd of January 2014, «Kyrgyzdiykanbank» was reformed into Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank CJSC.

The acitivty of the Bank is regulated by the NBKR license No. 220 for the right to conduct banking operations in national and foreign currencies. Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank CJSC is a member of the deposit protection system of the Kyrgyz Republic. This status of the bank guarantees its customers the protection of their deposits in the manner and amount stipulated by the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On the Protection of Bank Deposits (Deposits)”.

“Kyrgyzstan is the best place to start and enter the Central Asian market. You have a great future, I am sure of that, which is why we have invested in Kyrgyzstan ... "

Head of Petram Finance AG,

Jürg Staubli


Mission and values

Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank CJSC (KSB) excels through a clear system of values, which is the guiding basis of our business. Our mission: to meet the financial needs of our customers and ensure their well-being by offering first-class financial solutions and impeccable service.

Our value system serves as a basis for creating effective business and is built on:

  1. Excellent quality. Our team of professionals uses the most advanced tools to achieve our goals. We challenge the status quo and never stop looking for the best solution.
  2. Innovations and digital technologies underlie our business to continuously improve the quality of customer service of the Bank.
  3. Entrepreneurial spirit. The investment activity of the bank is based on a deep understanding of the market and an accurate assessment of investment projects. Responsible approach to investment opportunity to create value sets us apart as entrepreneurs.
  4. Passion. We look to the future with enthusiasm, using various tools to create a different view of the world and banking. Our passion is a continuous source of our inspiration for self-improvement.

In carrying out its activities, the Bank relies on the traditional principles of Swiss banking. The Swiss banking system is admired throughout the world due to the preservation of confidentiality, reliability and high quality of service. The KSB team provides its customers with the reliability of deposits, stability, attentive attitude and flexible service approach.


Our logo is very symbolic: the mountains — a symbol of confidence and stability — personify our desire for new heights, and the colour contrast indicates a balanced relationship between the bank and its customers. Red and gold lettering is associated with our confidence, passion and good intentions, and the white background symbolizes openness.

Our vision

Striving for innovations and deeply appreciating the Swiss banking traditions, Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank contributes to the development of its customers by providing the best financial solutions and professional advice.