Important information for cardholders


Dear cardholders!

In accordance with clauses 5.1.2 and 10.4 of the Agreement for Issue and Maintenance of Payment Cards, the bank notifies about the changes to the following points of the Agreement:

5.1.13 The Bank does not have any liability to Cardholder for unauthorized use of the card by third parties (including theft of funds and other types of fraud using the Card), including the cases when the card is used in countries with a high (increased) risk level, namely: Indonesia, Brazil, India, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia, Nepal, Singapore, China, Mexico, Japan, Nigeria, Ukraine, Turkey, USA, Russia, Spain, UAE, Moldova, Korea, Portugal, United Kingdom.

5.1.14. The bank has the right to block at its own discretion at any time any suspicious Card transactions in countries with high (elevated) the level of risk in accordance with the list specified in paragraph 5.1.13 of this Agreement.