Access services through Umai payment terminals


Dear customers, we are pleased to announce a new product. You now have 24/7 access to the following services of the bank through Umai payment terminals:

  • top up of accounts
  • top up of deposits
  • top up of cards
  • repayment of loans

The Umai network has more than 350 terminals, you can find the terminal locations by clicking on the link:

  • Commission for depositing - 1% of the amount (when depositing up to 100 soms, the minimum commission amount is 5 soms)
  • The minimum transaction amount is 20 soms.
  • The maximum transaction amount is 15,000 soms. The number of transactions is unlimited.

You need to perform a few simple steps to deposit funds into your account through the Umai terminal:

  1. In the main menu of the Umai terminal, select a service.
  2. Enter the account number.
  3. Check the correctness of the data you entered and click "Next".
  4. Enter the desired amount of cash into the bill acceptor.
  5. To complete the payment, click the "Pay" button.