Protect your payment card from fraud!


Dear cardholders,

Due to increased cases of fraud against clients of commercial banks both on the territory of Kyrgyz Republic and around the world, let us remind you:
• Please don’t give the number of your card, expiration date and three-digit code on the back of your card (CVV) to third parties.
• Under no circumstances, don’t give a PIN code of your card to anyone.
• Don’t make payments on dubious websites! When paying by card, please ensure that a website address is an official one. Cases of falsifying websites that differ in the address only by a few symbols have become more frequent.
• Don’t give your code word and information about details of your card to people who addressed to you allegedly on behalf of the Bank. Please remember: the Bank’s employees don’t contact customers to clarify cards data and details!
• If you received money transfers from unknown people, don’t transfer the funds back. Contact the Bank for clarification.
• Don’t enter a complete card number, CVV code and expiration date on websites that were provided to you by potential buyers of goods being sold by you, ostensibly to receive payment on the card. By entering your card data, you risk to transfer the data to scammers who, after having obtained the data, withdraw the funds from the card.
• Remember: in order to receive funds on the card from your buyers and partners, friends or family, you need to tell a sender the full card number and your initials. This is safe.
• If you suspect any fraudulent activities or detected the fact of unauthorized actions on your card, please immediately contact the Bank on: (+996)312543424, on business days from 9.00 to 18.00, or Users Support Center: (+996)312664325, (+996)312637696.