Reducing the rate on loans


"Fall Gifts" from the "Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank" - loans in KGS from 18% per annum!

Need a loan at a favorable rate in the shortest possible time? As part of the campaign, which is valid until the end of the year in the "Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank", You can take a loan in KGS from 18% per annum.

Lending conditions under the "Fall Gifts" campaign:

  • interest rate - 18% per annum for loans in excess of 1 million KGS and 21% per annum - up to 1 million KGS;
  • lending purposes - mortgage, consumer and commercial purposes;
  • annual effective interest rate – from 19.82%.

Customers have always appreciated the "Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank" for better service, individual approach and speed of consideration of applications, and now they can also take advantage of flexible financing conditions as part of the "Fall Gifts" campaign.

One of the great advantages is that in order to repay loans, it is not necessary to adapt to the bank’s work schedule - You can make payments 24/7: both by bank transfer through mobile and Internet banking, and in cash through payment terminals of partner companies (Umai, Onoi and Pay 24 ), as well as in MegaPay, wallets.

In case of collateral shortage, entrepreneurs can always issue a guarantee using the offer of the Guarantee Fund, with which the Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank cooperates.

If You need a loan as soon as possible, take advantage of the favorable offer of KSB - the "Fall Gifts" promotion is valid only until 31 December 2022.

If You need more information, please contact the outlets, as well as specialists by the following phone numbers: 0227 737 376 (Osh city), 0990 202 557 (Bishkek city)

"Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank": Let's reach new heights together!