You asked for it - we extended it!


Kyrgyz Swiss Bank extends credit special offer: from 18% per annum in KGS

Don’t know where to get a credit at a favorable interest rate? “Kyrgyz Swiss Bank” is extending the “Autumn Gifts” Special Offer - only till March 31, 2023, credits for all purposes from 18% per annum in KGS.

Credit conditions within the framework of the offer:

  • Interest rate - 18% per annum when crediting to the amount of more than 1 million KGS, 21% per annum - to the amount up to 1 million KGS;
  • Crediting purposes - mortgage, consumer and commercial purposes, agricultural crediting and refinancing;
  • effective annual interest rate - from 19.82%.

The bank’s employees always meet their clients’ needs, offering an individual approach and promptly solving all arising issues. It is convenient that payments can be made both by cashless method via mobile and Internet banking, and in cash: through payment terminals of partner companies (“Umai”, “Onoy” and Pay 24), as well as in MegaPay and wallets.

If there is a shortage of pledge, you can apply to the “Guarantee Fund” by drawing up a collateral.

Have time to take advantage of the favorable offer of the “Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank” until March 31, 2023.

For more information please contact sales outlets, as well as specialists, by phone: (0227) 737 376 – Osh city, and (0990) 202 557 – Bishkek city.