One more ATM in Karakol


The «Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank» has launched a new ATM in operation in Karakol.

The «Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank» continues its systematic work on developing its banking infrastructure in the capital and regions, understanding that cashless payment is one of the common forms of payment worldwide, which provides access to a range of services.

As part of the adopted strategy, a new ATM has recently been installed and put into operation at the Karakol branch of «KSB», serving cards of the national payment system «Elcard» and international ones - VISA and MasterCard, operating 24/7. The branch, conveniently located in a busy part of Karakol near the central market at 157 Lenin Street, is also ready to meet new and existing clients to provide them with a full range of banking services.

For the information of our clients: in addition to «KSB» ATMs, you can also use the infrastructure of the friendly network of KICB bank to withdraw funds at the same fees as in the «Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank». The Bank intends to further develop its network of banking equipment to popularize cashless payments.

Detailed information about all bank services can be obtained from the contact center at the following numbers: +996 (312) 54 34 24 (landline), +996 (705) 54 34 24 («O!»), +996 (755) 54 34 24 (Mega), +996 (222) 54 34 24 (Beeline), or by writing in the chat on the website.