“KSB” CJSC enters the new decade renewed


"Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank" announces renaming to "KSB Commercial Bank"

The «Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank» team has ten years of hard work in the banking market of Kyrgyzstan. Having crossed the ten-year mark, the «Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank» made a strategic decision - to begin the next round of development by renaming it to «KSB Commercial Bank», changing the logo and rebranding the branch network. Shares in the capital of «KSB Commercial Bank» CJSC, which remains the legal successor of all rights, assets and obligations of «Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank» CJSC, do not change: 75% still belongs to Swiss shareholders, 25% to Kyrgyzstan.

Within the framework of the approved strategy in its further activities, «KSB Commercial Bank» CJSC will continue to focus on the value of each client, following the best global practices in providing exceptional privileges through the introduction of Swiss banking traditions in the country. Throughout its history in Kyrgyzstan, the bank has always strived to be an expert in the market, not only serving and offering banking services, but also creating new opportunities for each client. " KSB Commercial Bank " will continue to actively work to improve existing financial solutions and introduce new technologies, contributing to the development of the economy of Kyrgyzstan.

For all service questions at «KSB Commercial Bank», please call the contact center at +996 (312) 54 34 24 (city number), +996 (705) 54 34 24 (O!), +996 (755) 54 34 24 (Mega), +996 (222) 54 34 24 (Beeline) or write to, chat on the website, Telegram - @ksbcbot_bot, WhatsApp at +996 (222) 543424.