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Safety deposit storage

Safety deposit boxes at KSB - a convenient and safe place to keep your valuables. In safe boxes in KSB you can keep not only the money and jewelry, and precious metals, documents, securities, and just dear to you things. KSB guarantees reliability, complete privacy and absolute integrity of your property.

Size (height-width-depth)

Rates (som per month)

Small (75x335x430)

1 000

Averages (150х335х430)

2 000

Large (250х335х430)

3 000

Larger (500х335х430)

6 000

  • "The principle of two keys" (bank key and client key) provides maximum safety of the contents of individual boxes: only client or his authorized representative will  be able to gain access to the safe.
  • You can grant the right to use the rented safety deposit box trustee.
  • Storage of safe deposit boxes KSB is equipped with the most modern technical means to ensure the full integrity of cell contents.
  • The Bank is responsible for the correct and safe deposit boxes for the security of working with them, and also provides protection storage.
  • Safe deposit box in the room and the removal of items from her store and work with them is carried out by the client without the control of the bank.
  • The Bank assumes full responsibility for the safety and security of the safe and guarantees the confidentiality of client information.