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Money transfer systems

  «Zolotaya Korona»  – is an international money transfer system within CIS and far abroad countries.

What are the advantages of using the system?

- Opening an account is not required
- Low fees on transfers to CIS and Russia – 0.95%
- High speed transfer – up to 1 minute
- Transfer can be obtained from any of the "Zolotaya Corona" system service points in the recipient’s city
- Ability to monitor the status of transfer on-line through the web-site of the system


  «Contact» – is a simple and reliable system of money transfers without account opening. Offices cover more than 90 countries of the world.

What are the advantages of the system?

- Account opening is not required
- Increased reliability
- High speed of transfer - from 10 minutes after transfer
- Convenient and transparent accounting and reporting
- All money transfers are accepted and paid in cash
- Wide range of currency transfers: USD, EUR, RUB


Direction Tariff Amount of transfer
Russia, Kazakhstan Tajikistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia 0,95%

up to 100 000 RUB

 3000 USD/EUR

990 RUB


from 100 000 RUB

3000 USD/EUR

«Bereke» -  is a system of money transfers without account opening.

What are the advantages of the system?

- Account opening is not required
- Sistem users can send and recieve money transfers through the Kyrgyz Republic in offices:  Капитал Банка (Capital Bank) Евразийско Сберегательного Банка ,  Дос-Кредобанка ,  Кыргызско Инвестиционно-Кредитного Банка  (KICB)   Кыргызско-Швейцарского Банка  (KSB),  КыргызкоммерцбанкаАйыл Банка
- High speed of transfer - within 5 minutes
- Transfers are made in national and foreign currency


Transfer currency

Amount of transfer



from 0 up to 10 000 KGS

from 10 001 up to 30 000 KGS

from 30 001 up to 50 000 KGS

from 50 001 KGS and up

30 KGS

40 KGS

50 KGS

0,1% of the amount


up to 30 000 RUB

from 30 001 RUB

30 RUB

0,1% of the amount


up to 500 USD

from 501 USD

0,5 USD

0,1% of the amount


up to 500 EURO

from 501 EURO

0,5 EURO

0,1% of the amount


up to 100 000 KZT

from 100 001 KZT

100 KZT

0,1% of the amount